Friday, May 3, 2013

Beer Review: Clown Shoes Brown Angel

I've talked about beers from the Massachusetts contract brewery Clown Shoes before, and this won't be the last time I bring their products up.   First of all, I think they make good beer. Secondly, I like their irreverent, risque labelling.  And while I can be a snob and traditionalist when it comes to wine labels, I feel that the world of craft beer has (or at least should have) a little more latitude when it comes to packaging.  And while not all of their beers are right up my alley, the one I'm about to discuss certainly is.

The beer pours into the glass with an ample head that has good retention and lacing.  The beer itself has good clarity, and a medium to light brown coloration.  The nose displays predictable aromas of toasted nut and light caramel.  There is a rich maltiness here, but it doesn't overdo it; the beer is neither sticky or sweet.  Significant hopping keeps the beer balanced and really comes through on the finish. 

Brown Angel is billed as a Double Brown Ale, and delivers what is advertised. For those of you who drink Newcastle, or other Nut Brown Ales, you're going to find this offering to be perfect for you.  It definitely kicks things up a notch with the above average malt and hops quotient, while keeping them approachable for someone who may be a bit newer to the craft brew world.  If your friends are used to the Big Three, pale American lager style beers, and think that Newcastle, Bass or Yuengling are significant, yet tolerable deviations from what they normally drink, this beer may be a good gateway beer for them. 

Assessment:  Smooth and round, an easy drinking and accessible craft beer.  Lots of flavor, and easy to appreciate.  A beer with a big booty. 

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