Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wine Review: Kemblefield Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough, New Zealand has really put itself on the oenological map by invading the market with affordable, quality sauvignon blanc.  Tonight's selection is emblematic of that trend. 

This is a perpetual favorite of mine.  It comes in at $9.99 at Total Wine.  You can spend a whole lot more money on a Marlborough sav blanc, but why?  To me, this is a style meant to be unfussy, consumed in its youth, and just plain enjoyed.  No oak aging here, no desire or potential for cellaring; just a fun, youthful wine, perfect for cocktail parties, hanging on the porch swing or a light fish dinner. 

The wine pours into the glass a clear, pale lemon-yellow, the color of early morning spring sunshine.  Tropical fruit aromas meet the nose, some evident citrus, but maybe something rounder, a bit of gooseberry or perhaps melon too?  The attack is straight citrus.  While I put it in the photo lineup with a grapefruit, there are other citrus fruits at work here too, most notably lime.  Your salivary glands go to work immediately due to the wine's high, high acidity.  There are mineral and herbaceous notes in the mix as well, but they don't come across too strongly.  The finish is clean, but lingers for a moment. 

This wine would be a classic pairing for any type of seafood, shellfish or finfish.  But I mostly enjoy it as an aperitif.  If you enjoy a clean, citrusy, bright wine, this is your huckleberry.  Or gooseberry, as the case may be. 

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